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I started this site because...
I was pretty bored with my time, I love being naked, I love having sex, and I heard you could make enough money to support yourself. I spend a lot of my time just hanging around doing mostly nothing, lots of board and video games and what not to keep me busy. Seriously, do you think I am going to go work as a waitress or do some other shit end job? So I decided to put my time in good use and start fucking on camera.

My family may not be happy with my decision, but this is who I am, and everyone is a bunch of hypocrites because let's be real, we all fuck, its just that I do it in front of a camera and I love, and I mean LOVE doing it :) This website is basically a chronicle of my life, sometimes exciting, sometimes unexciting, but I expect to learn a lot about myself and the internet as I go through it. I plan on being here for a while, and I adore the other girls who have made their websites successfu

I have lots of turnons, but really I'm just looking to spend my time with fun people, and if youre a guy looking to jerk off, you sound pretty fun to me. A lot of girls think masturbation is disgusting, mostly uptight girls, but I find it sexy -- hey, I want to fuck all the time also, I know what it feels like to be horny. So if you like what you hear, and you like my pics, hurry up and sign up and come chat with me on the inside!


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